industrial digital twin system

  • DLAI-323 AI Fusion Innovation Application Training Platform

    The AI training platform is composed of high-performance computer, mobile terminal development platform, machine vision detection module, Harbot collaborative robot module, AGV, application scene simulation module and other systems. The software platform is based on Windows (Linux Ubuntu 18.04 is optional). Python, YOLOv5, OpenCV, PyTorch, TensorFlow and other modules are pre-installed.

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  • DLDZ-WLW01 Industrial Internet Of Things(IOT)Education Trainer

    The industrial Internet of things comprehensive training system is the basic teaching instrument for the professional course design of the Internet of things. It is also one of the essential tools for product development and scientific research. The design of this product fully considers the needs of experiments and absorbs the advantages of similar products. It has excellent design, stable and reliable performance, flexible and convenient experiments, and is conducive to cultivating students’ hands-on ability with teaching equipment.

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  • DLWD-IOT102 Internet Of Things Basic Training Board

    The Internet of Things refers to the connection of any object with the network according to the agreed protocol through information sensing equipment, and the object performs information exchange and communication through the information transmission medium to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, supervision and other functions. The equipment adopts a sheet metal structure, that is, the PLC, the execution control board, the IoT gateway, and the power supply are all installed on a sheet metal box, and the functions of the execution object board have been fixed (that is, the input and output of the I/O signal have been fixed), and the PLC , touch screen, and gateway have been connected according to their functions.

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  • DLWD-DQ601 Electromechanical Technology Skills Training And Assessment System

    The system has a self-learning function. After connecting the electrical circuit, click the learning button, and the circuit will be automatically saved to the correct answer question bank. When students connect the wires according to the test questions, the system will automatically compare the correct answers for scoring. Also compatible with Siemens Mitsubishi PLC. Therefore, no matter what the test questions are, as long as the test questions are entered into the system before the test and the system learns by itself, then automatic identification and scoring can be completed.

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  • DLPLC-FADT PLC Training System

    “DLPLC-FADT PLC Training System” is built with industrial aluminum profiles as a whole, and the desktop is made of high-density composite materials, which have good wear-resistant, anti-skid, and insulation effects. There is a host bracket and universal wheels under the table body, which can place the computer host and facilitate the movement of the equipment. A retractable computer screen stand rests on the side of the unit. The equipment practical module adopts a hanging box structure, which is attached to the equipment when in use.

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  • DLIOT-471 Industrial Automation Network Integration Training System

    1. Realize the interconnection and intercommunication of production and manufacturing equipment. The communication network connects field devices, controllers, HMI, monitoring systems and enterprise management systems. It is the information transmission channel in the industrial production system and plays an important role in the stability and reliability of the industrial production system. At present, industrial network technology is developing in the direction of modern network technology——industrial Ethernet technology and industrial Internet. The use of civilian common Ethernet technology cannot guarantee the integrity of industrial Ethernet implementation, and it is difficult to meet the reliability requirements of industrial-grade communication. Therefore, special training equipment is required

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  • DLDS-1190 Industrial Robot Comprehensive Training System

    The DLDS-1190 training system is equipped with FANUC industrial robot, SIEMENS PLC. It is equipped with the vision system (2D) of the FANUC intelligent camera, a unit of machining automation task, a basic operation assessment module, a gift packaging task unit, an intelligent transfer-sorting-palletizing task unit, a digital keyboard assembly task unit, a process application welding task unit, components, etc.

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  • DLIM-732 Service Manufacturing Technology Platform(Industry 4.0 Training System)

    Equipment composition and function description: Device workflow: 1) Data management unit: order management and data display 2) Automatic feeding unit: According to the requirements, the workpiece is pushed out of the bin by the feeding cylinder, and the handling manipulator transports the pushed workpiece to the conveyor belt of the sorting unit, and scans the workpiece bottle for inspection. 3) Intelligent sorting unit: The conveyor belt transports the workpieces of the previous station to the stop position, and completes the canning of 5mm or 8mm steel balls according to the order requirements. The gear stop mechanism resets, and the finished workpiece enters the next workstation.

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  • DLIM-WL08 Logistics Management System(Industry Robot)

    DLIM-WL08 logistics management system, through the network interconnection, data intercommunication and system interoperability of industrial resources, realizes the flexible ways of warehouse customization, material order storage, selection of storage, upper storage and lower storage, and material storage. The process is carried out according to the selected method, and the reasonable optimization of the logistics system enables the efficient use of resources, thereby building a high-efficiency, high-precision, and high-standard logistics management system.

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