Electrical Maintenance Skill Training Series

Dolang supply technical vocational electrical laboratory equipment,such as electrical lighting skills training system,Electric drive training equipment,Electrical Maintenance Skill Training Equipment,Electrical Protection Ttraining Equipment,Maintenance Electrician Skills Training Equipment, Modern Electrician Technical Skills Training Equipment,Electrical Installation Training Equipment power supply training equipment,Electrical machine trainer maintenance electrician training device electrical skills training equipment "Electrical maintenance skills training equipment is didactic equipment based on "mechanic occupation skill training materials" of technical vocational, which can complete practical operation of the electrical control circuit and practical electronic circuit for "Advanced maintenance Electrical technology" and " maintenance electrical technician ", can make the students operating skills are well trained and improved. The electrical laboratory equipment not only for practical training of vocational school students teaching, but also for intermediate level, advanced level maintenance of electrical engineering skills training. Electrical machine trainer is drawing on the concept of advanced technical vocational education didactic equipment in Germany, to the process of work-oriented, to maintenance electrician engineering education equipment as the carrier, respectively, to maintenance electrician skills training equipment, commonly used maintenance electrician training device and instruments, electrical installation training equipment indoor wiring installation,electric drive training equipment basic motor control circuit installation and maintenance,electrical laboratory equipment three-phase asynchronous motor disassembly debugging and troubleshooting basic skills operations learning situations, in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the maintenance electrician training device workers, to enhance students' practical ability of vocational training equipment.

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