AI training system

DLAI-1221 AI comprehensive training and assessment system Vocational Equipment is a training and assessment platform developed based on the above requirements. The platform is composed of high-performance computer, mobile terminal development module, data sampling and testing module, machine vision detection module, habot cooperative robot module, AMR robot based on two-dimensional code navigation, application scene simulation module and so on. The software platform is based on Linux Ubuntu 18.04. Python, yolov4, opencv and other modules are pre installed in the system.

  • Intelligent Logistics Management and Application System (IOT)

    Intelligent Logistics Management and Application System (IOT)

    DLIT-370X Internet of things artificial intelligence application system is developed according to the relevant contents of the Internet of things related to the national skill appraisal; The equipment focuses on security, access control, monitoring, pipeline monitoring, energy monitoring, fire control and other related contents in residential and community;It can complete the planning, process layout and installation, system commissioning, comprehensive defense planning, data acquisition and monitoring and other relevant training contents of the designed relevant contents, and meet the hardware and technical requirements of vocational skill appraisal and relevant events.

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