Dolang Group Helps the Development of New Energy Teaching in Europe?


Dolang Group Helps the Development of New Energy Teaching in Europe?

Recently, Dolang Group, together with its European partners, has undertaken contracts for the production of new energy teaching equipment for 34 colleges and universities.

DLXNY-GF21 solar wind energy comprehensive training equipment designed and developed by Dolang has played a crucial role in this project.

The equipment mainly has the following characteristics:1. The equipment is composed of sheet metal bottom plate, aluminum alloy column and mesh plate. The bottom plate is equipped with casters to facilitate the movement of the equipment. All devices are of modular design and freely combined and fixed on the mesh. The wiring of all devices is led out to 3mm / 4mm safety wiring terminals and connected through special test wires to facilitate operation and protect the devices from damage.

2. The solar panel is fixed on a special support, and the support angle can be adjusted manually, and the adjustment range is not less than 90 °.

3. The three-phase AC permanent magnet motor is driven by the three-phase asynchronous motor to simulate the power generation of the fan. The prime mover can simulate the changes of the power generation generated by different wind forces through the speed regulation of the frequency converter.


Its main training projects are

1. Wind solar complementary experiment

2. Wind power generation experiment

3. Photovoltaic power generation experiment

4. Battery charge and discharge test

5. Off grid inverter operation load test

6. Simulation experiment of grid connected inverter

7. Radiation sensor measurement experiment

8. Parameter measurement experiment of wind solar complementary controller


Dolang provide high quality vocational education equipment to help students get more skills training improvement in their class.


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