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    DLIM-441 Intelligent Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Training Equipment

    DLIM-441 The integrated application platform of intelligent manufacturing system takes the digital transformation process of traditional discrete manufacturing enterprises as the task carrier, deploys RFID, intelligent sensors, network equipment and other basic nodes of the Internet of things in the data acquisition layer and network layer, introduces intelligent manufacturing devices such as industrial robots and digital control machine tools in the executive equipment layer, and introduces digital management and control system in the control layer and management layerAt the same time, we will build various open information service platforms, share data resources, and finally realize the functions and ideas of automation, digitization, networking and intelligence of the whole system. This platform involves knowledge and skills in intelligent control technology, numerical control technology, industrial robot technology, pneumatic technology, sensor technology, electromechanical integration technology, industrial engineering technology, software technology, automation technology, online measurement technology and other fields.

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