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    DLGK-373 PCS Educational Training Equipment Level Control Integrated Didactic Equipment Process Control Training System

    DLGK-373 Process Control Training Sysetm is an educational training equipment composed by control screen, process control unit. The training system is based on physical modeling objects of industrial processes, which combines automated instrumentation technology, computer technology, communications technology, automatic control technology for multi-function integrated experimental device, the device is based on the enterprise automation and other features related to teaching, absorption characteristics and strengths of domestic and foreign similar experimental device, carefully designed several experiments and repeated demonstration, introduced a new experimental device, the system including temperature, pressure, flow, level and other thermal parameters can be realized various forms of control system parameter identification, single-loop control, cascade control. The device as a didactic equipment can also be designed according to the needs of users constitute a variety of control systems DDC, DCS, PLC, FCS and SCM. The experimental device can be used as a vocational training equipment for undergraduate, specialist, process control device vocational courses, but also for graduate students and researchers to provide physical simulation objects and experimental methods for the study of complex control systems, advanced control systems. The system can meet the demand of Training Teaching "Automatic Control Theory", "Process Control", "Automation Instrumentation", "Automatic detection technology and sensors," "Computer Control" and "DCS Distributed Control" and other related courses.

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