Night Light Automation Production Line


(1) Diversified selection of parts and components

When selecting components for the production line, consider meeting the requirements of the process while ensuring the variety of products used. For example, sensors and motors are selected in different types and models to broaden the knowledge of students and improve their innovation and application capabilities.

(2) Modularization of product design

Conveyor lines, laser marking stations, assembly stations, testing stations, packaging stations, etc. all adopt modular design. Different modules can be used in combination, or can be taught separately. To ensure easy use, mobile casters and foot cups are used at the bottom of the workstation , easy to move and level.

(3) Application of digital twin technology

In view of the high cost of large-scale production line training teaching demonstration/demonstration, high skill requirements for teachers/students, and certain safety hazards in the operation process, this project integrates the latest digital twin technology, and virtual assembly and adjustment can also be carried out through digital twins After fully mastering the production line operation skills, carry out practical training on the physical production line to improve learning efficiency.

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