Dolang and Robot Integration System Skill


DLDS-1190 industrial robot system integration platform is based on FANUC robot LR-Mate200iD six-axis industrial robot , SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC as the main body, with FANUC industrial intelligent camera vision system (2D), basic operation assessment module, machining automation task unit, intelligent transfer-sorting-palletizing task unit, gift packaging task unit, process application welding task unit, digital keyboard Assembly task unit, etc. The platform can train students to master the operation, debugging, visual application, PLC principle, PLC programming, sensor technology, network communication technology, etc. Palletizing, simulated welding, gift packaging, industrial visual inspection, etc. are close to the industrial field application skills training assessment, and the robot offline programming and simulation skills assessment can also be carried out.

Modular structure: good flexibility, easy to assemble and disassemble: each executive object is an independent module, which can be installed and constructed on the general aluminum profile platform, and each executive object and electrical control circuit can be installed and disassembled quickly, and the layout is flexible. Each task module can be combined with the robot to complete the corresponding task, and each integrated application module can be disassembled and installed repeatedly according to the training needs.

Open design: the robot fixture and carrier model can be selected according to the task content; the installation position and direction of the training platform can be selected according to the teaching needs; and it has a good extension type, and customers can develop new models and fixtures according to their own needs. At the same time, it supports the secondary development of peripheral systems.

Electrical connection: The plug, wiring, and trachea are clearly distributed and marked to prevent misoperation. The input and output of the control system are in the terminal block wiring mode.

Close to industrial production: The main modules simulate typical process applications such as handling, stacking, assembly, sorting, packaging, and welding in industrial production. Literacy.

A variety of application technologies are integrated: such as pneumatic control technology, mechanical transmission technology, sensor application technology, PLC control and network communication, servo motor drive control technology, industrial robot programming and application technology, HMI touch screen application technology, machine vision application technology, etc.

Safety: It has multiple protections such as short circuit, overload, alarm, emergency stop and safety grating.

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